It is a uniquely curated workshop that helps to release all the blockages, negative emotions and unwanted thought patterns that people carry all through their life. This body process by Access Consciousness works effectively when access bars on your head are touched lightly to help you relax and unblock all the obstacles.

Access Consciousness Bars Class is a One Day Workshop that sets you free and helps you break your limitations. It is an Internationally Certified Workshop to create a phenomenal life by learning how to tap into your own consciousness and empowers you to make a difference in the life of many by practising bars. This one-day training certifies you to practice bars on anyone and even practice it professionally.

So, register yourself for the fast track workshop today and create a limitless life ahead.

What if you can change anything?

The Foundation class for Access Consciousness is specially designed to enable and empower you to change everything you would like to change in your life. You will be equipped with a lot of tools empowering and allowing you to set yourself free from all limitations and build a new foundation for yourself that is limitless and has uncountable possibilities.

What do you actually desire and dream of? What would you like to change?

It is all possible regardless of whatever it is. Many people around the world have created the life they wanted by using the powerful tools of Access Consciousness that will be introduced to you in this workshop.

Everything is possible. Choose the workshop today.

Look at your hand and tell me something, do you have a hand or are ‘you’ your hand? Do you have a leg or are ‘you’ your legs. Now are ‘you’ your body or do you have a body. Most people identify themselves as their bodies and thus limit their relationship with their bodies.

There are people who identify themselves a part of their body or as a whole of it and eventually, reduce their relationship with their bodies. Hence, with access consciousness, we tend to help these people experience their physical processes and acknowledge their bodies as an intelligent and conscious being to help them create a relationship with it. With an establishment of such a relationship, miracles can and do happen!Read More

The Access Energetic Facelift is a wonderful way to rejuvenate the face and body, smoothen, tighten and reverse the appearance of ageing. What if you could have a natural facelift instead of going under the knife or having to resort to chemicals like Botox?
Following changes are experienced by clients after receiving a process:

  1. Lessening of lines and wrinkles
  2. Improved eyesight
  3. Firming and toning of facial muscles and overall skin
  4. Healing of and reversal of the scarring process
  5. Healthier skin and overall appearance
  6. Possibilities for your life showing up better than you may have ever imagined!

People who have received this process have reported it is like having a life lift, with more energy, stability and clarity. How does it get any better than that?

Many people have noticed the changes just after one session, imagine what it would be like if you had more than one.

Are you trying to figure out your financial reality with your logical mind?

What if Money is way beyond the logic? What if we can create, generate, receive and have any amount of Money? Would you like to explore the Joy of Being Money? What if there is a different possibility available with money? And most of all what if you can just be Money yourself?

This class includes potent clearings, questions, tools, and exercises to assist you in expanding your awareness of the unconsciousness in your world around money & support you in making new choices with money. You will receive pragmatic hands-on tools to create more money, receive more dynamically, and create systems with your money that allow it to grow, allow you to have it, allow your money to create more money for you and allow you to become money yourself.

So enroll for this program and experience the joy of being money yourself.

Looking to shift your financial reality?

If yes, then this 4-hour class is definitely for you. In the 4 hour workshop ‘Alter Your Money Reality’, we would discuss and look at all the factors that are stopping you from being a limitless source of money. Throw out the limitations out of your mindset and get ready to change your financial reality. Let’s have fun together in this interactive workshop and change your realities. Clearings and a lot more awareness around finances and money related matters.

So come, register for this miracle workshop to change your financial reality.

Are you waiting for someone special?  Do you want a perfect relationship? Do you want a right soulmate for yourself?

All of us want a companion in our life with whom we can share all our sorrows and joys. But most of you fail to create a relationship you always desired. In this workshop, Shree Aanand equips you with tools to deal with painful people and thus manage their happiness and joy index before marriage but after marriage too. Also she facilitates intensive healing for changing some point of views, release promises, vows, oaths or curses from past lives followed by some powerful visualization and actualization exercises which works like miracle after the healing but doesn’t give very good results without the healing.


Marriage is the biggest gamble of life and getting the right life partner is like hitting a jackpot. Good news is, now u can learn the right moves and hit the jackpot. If you choose to heal yourself out of my past experiences and belief system and attract a loving Soulmate, then you must attend “Attract the Right Soulmate.”

Nothing is same after marriage everything changes, there is no more spark in our relationship, he doesn’t love me anymore and our relationship is turning monotonous day by day, these are some of the problems which almost every lady faces in her relationship.

Many people tell Shree that “She is lucky to have such a loving husband and they have a perfect relationship”. For a very long time even she felt so, yet she observed that there is a different way she had been dealing with her husband that has created their relationship as refreshing and contributing even after years of marriage.

To share all her secrets about how to attain a perfect relationship she has designed “Tame the Lion” program. This will magnificently contribute in your journey of acquiring a desired relationship.

So ladies, would you like to join me on an 11 days whatsapp programe “Tame the Lion” to discover and recreate your relationships?

What if ease, love, joy and alot more are possible in your relationship?? Can this be a contribution in your life? Will this shift your relationship not just with your spouse but also with yourself? Have a wonderful love life.

Tarot card Reading Course is a foundation course that would help you connect to your inner self through the cards and develop your level of awareness. You will learn to read Tarot cards intuitively, without depending on other materials. The course content includes a brief history of Tarot reading, interpretation and choosing a tarot card deck. This course will enable you to start your journey of helping others by transforming their lives through Tarot and make a difference.

The Tarot Card Reading Course is a very impactful tool for spiritual development, personal insight, empowerment and change. It can take years and years to master reading Tarot Card reading.

What if, you are always surrounded by these gentle beings without the body which are always willing to contribute to your life? Who are they? How do they work? How do I call upon them? Will they listen to me and when do I call upon them? When we think or talk about them all these queries cloud our minds.
Angel healing course is designed to get you closer to your enlightening helpers. It gives you an introduction to the basics of angel healing and learning the various methods of contacting angels. It makes you perceive your connection with these heavenly bodies and empower you to use angel healing as a healing tool for self and others.Read More

There is a huge Career opportunity in Hypnotherapy these days. While many people use the tool of hypnotherapy for self-empowerment, Hypnotherapy also holds an amazing new career option in empowering others. A large number of people across the country and abroad have chosen Clinical Hypnotherapy to pursue as a career.

We have training certifications from EKAA (Previously called California Hypnosis Institute of India), We provide Level 1 training at our center and give guidance & support for completing it all.
You have to complete a 5 Level Curriculum and an Internship Program to be certified by EKAA as a Clinical Hypnotherapist

Everything in the universe, including our human body, is made up of energy.

In ancient times, people knew that all living beings have a life force within them and called it chakras, centers of energy. The origin of the word ‘Chakra’ is from old Sanskrit and it means wheel. This is because prana (life force) is spinning and rotating in every living being. There are 7 energy centers in our body, from the base of our spine to the top of our head.

All these 7 chakras provide the right amount of energy to every part of our body, mind, and spirit in a healthy person. However, our health suffers if even one of our chakras is spinning too quickly, or is too closed and moving slowly. By being aware of these chakras, we can become more conscious about natural energy cycles of our body.

“The Chakra” workshop is specially designed to make people more conscious of their energy centers, heal them and resolve all areas of your life including health, relationships, happiness and even finances.

Get healed and help others in healing.

No matter how great the product or service of your company is, it will not be able to reach the end users if your sales team is not well equipped.

Our success driven methods literally transform hesitant employees into confident employees, and the confident ones into leaders. With the efficient use of audio-visual presentations, fantastic group activities, confidence-building games, and relaxation & success meditation, our training sessions instil confidence in your employees resulting to their higher contributions in the organisation. We provide customized training solutions for soft skills, anger & stress management, performance enhancement etc. 

The following are the key areas of our corporate training workshops:

  • Salesman’s self-esteem
  • Loyalty towards the organisation
  • Taking a yes from the customer
  • Habits of a successful salesperson.
  • Goal Setting
  • Stress management

Is your teen rebellious, defying, depressed, lost in the world of internet?

In today’s competitive world teens face a lot of problems like

  • Peer pressure
  • Parenting pressure
  • Infatuations
  • Bullying
  • Smoking and drinking habits
  • Sports
  • Entrance test
  • And the list can go on and on.

Parents are constantly facing the problem of dealing with their teens. They are completely clueless about the various problems faced by their teens. As a result they are not able to assist their kids in getting rid of their problems and creating a better future for themselves.Read More

Shree Aanand Strives to gift the magical tools that she has discovered over the years to the kids, which will assist them in shaping a brighter future for themselves and the world as a whole.

 She has designed transformative workshops with innovative and fun filled activities for kids to inculcate things in them like:

  • Self –love
  • Relationship with parents
  • Anger management
  • Stress management
  • Memory and concentration improvement
  • Mind power
  • And many more


She is on a mission to empower every child on the planet to know that they are the “CREATORS OF THEIR OWN REALITY”.