A SOP session allows you to realise truth for you and your body through your uniqueness of receiving and gifting energy. These sessions are carried out through access consciousness and energetic transformation works.

These sessions are magic as it works on your building of energy. It shifts away what needs to be shifted and discards the energy that is doing no good to you. These sessions are done in person or long distance. According to the reports, these sessions relax the person and make him/her more aware of his/her own self. Perhaps, that is why it is named symphony!

Access consciousness therapy is based mostly on our access consciousness bars. There are 32 points on our head that carries all our thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions, and consideration of our lifetime. When touched, these points release everything that is not allowing one to receive. Hence, it is an opportunity to let off everything.
Access bars have assisted thousands in changing various aspects of their bodies and lives, including sleep, health, weight, money, sex, relationships, anxiety and stress. The worst that can happen to you is you’ll simply experience a phenomenal massage, and at the best your whole life can change.


What if your body is much more conscious than you?

All of our lives are imprinted in our body. The body processes help in erasing these imprints and finding a greater ease in our life and living. The soft processes utilize the innate intelligence already in the body to liberate and bring a lasting relaxation response. These sessions includes 60 basic body processes and 25 advanced body processes. 

These processes of access consciousness are designed to simultaneously:
-undo the programming that obstructs the change in you and contribute to you positively.
-make it possible for you to discover and be aware of your own different energies
-nurture the potential of yourself as an unending and infinite being that knows and perceives.
-allow you to be the change that can change the planet.

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Our magical mind and its memory saving process are no less than that of a super computer. It is where all information lies, including that of our past lives. Past Life Regression Therapy looks back into the past to check for the reasons of a person’s current life problems, fears, phobia & failures. The therapy is potent to reveal and resolve trauma that a person has undergone. It works on various issues like health, behavioural patterns, fears, phobias, weight management, relationships, etc.

  • Recurring Patterns in Life due to Past Life Traumas
  • Anxiety
  • Fears & Phobias
  • Psychosomatic Illness & Condition
  • Relationship Issues
  • Sexual Problems
  • Eating Disorder & Obesity
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Chronic Health Issues

This Therapy enables the client to understand patented cause and effects of a past birth, karmic patterns, past oaths and vows, trauma, and past desires. Our objective of conducting a past life therapy is not just to get the answers to all the whys but also to get the awareness & healing required for the current issue to resolve.

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Are you stressed and confused about your career, finances and relationships? Do you need answers to your questions?

Tarot card reading is an instrument that reveals the hidden things of the world and makes sense of the visible ones. It is Devine tool that helps you to connect with your higher self and seek all the answers from within.

Angels are the heavenly bodies present around us waiting for us to call upon them and seek their guidance. Angel healing is a very powerful modality that releases fear or other emotional blockages by clearing all the negative energies. We help you to connect with your guardian angels and seek their guidance.

In her unique way Shree Aanand combines the session of tarot card and angel card reading for precise prediction of tarot card reading and resolution and healing through angel card reading.

Hypnosis; a term heard by all, but known by very few. To explain it in easy terms, hypnosis is that feeling we’ve when we’re in a semi-sleep state, i.e., when we’re partially asleep yet aware of the things happening in our surroundings. It is the state where we can either give into the arms of sleep or wake up afresh.

Hypnosis and its acceptance have come a long way with the passage of time. It was a century ago when it was considered as a method to take control and harm individuals, while half a century ago, it was accepted as a trick of magic and amusement. Now, it has successfully gained the status of the treatment of anxiety, subclinical depression, certain habitual disorders, controlling of irrational fears, as well as the treatment of conditions such as insomnia and addiction.Read More


Neuro Linguistic Programming involves neurology, language, and programming, and hence the name. It involves the 3 most influential components that produce human experiences.
The neurological system controls bodily functions while linguistics handle our communication and programming determines the kind of model we create of ourselves. Neurological Linguistics Programming is all about the interplay of the former two and its effects on the latter i.e., our behaviour and body. The majority of our thoughts and behaviour generate from our unconscious mind. Hence, we use a variety of methods and models with the conscious and unconscious mind to determine how the behaviour, values, and beliefs keep up with the current situation. This eventually helps in bringing out the rapid and positive change in your self-awareness, communication, patterns of behaviour, etc. Despite having a complicated and complex name, NLP is practical, fun, effective, and life-changing.