The need of Motivational Speakers in today’s world

Life gives you tough lows, and it becomes dreadful to battle it out with courage. The annoying anxiety at the mere thought of being surrounded with dawning depression intends to eat you up, and you simply give into the fear only to emerge as a victim of sadness. Few depressions, remain etched in the darkest corner of your heart, and deny sparing you of a troubled mind: few depressions cannot be shared, cannot be told or cannot be dealt with ease. But there is a way to everything; a smart motivational speech can pick you up from the puddles of anxiety and stress, darkness and cold. A motivational speaker is to a troubled soul, what light is to a dark tunnel.

Motivational speakers in associations and organizations

Association and organizations have come forward to bring in motivational speakers from around the place, to help provide a guiding light to those, who is in dire need of it. Anxieties triggered from workplace politics, or interpersonal conflicts can be easily dealt with through a good motivational speaker. The motivational speakers are seasoned with tastefully chosen words and phrases that help bring a smile to a chaotic soul, or on someone who lost everything to life and luck. Many associations are of the opinion that, motivational speakers have the caliber to beef up the hidden talents of employees, and are of utmost essential.

Functions of top motivational speakers India in schools

Motivational speakers are welcomed in schools to dole out easy yet effective speeches, for children battling exam pressure, or the ones fighting depression for having graded badly in the previous exam. The depression amongst students proves fatal and leads to severity. A study proves there have been booming suicide rates amongst students in colleges and schools since the past years. A motivational speaker is well trained to bring out the best in everybody. Their inspirational messages, quotes, and speeches help facilitate zeal power and the willingness to do well than before amongst students, besides instilling them with sheer positivity.

They make you realize a different perspective to failure

There comes a time in person’s life when he feels, that he is totally done with this world and its sad and bitter endings: he no longer banks upon “happy endings” and as matter of fact brims with sheer cynicism. The thing with failure and depression is that it cannot be apprehended if not felt. The ones knocked down with failures, and depression can be eased out by those who have been on that path before. Here comes the role of speakers; they tend to bring up failure stories of their lives which in turn relieves the victims with the mere thought that they are not alone on this journey and that there are other who have faced as well.  Speakers motivate them to conquer fears like a fighter, and normalize failure to them, making them realize failures are part of life and are not something to be dreaded upon forever: it needs to be seen as a pillar of success and not a barrier.

Here are some of the top motivational speakers in India

Shiv Khera

He spearhead of Qualified Learning Systems Inc. USA, Shiv Khera is one of the worldwide motivational speakers besides being a successful author, Business Consultant, Educator and a hot shot entrepreneur. Encouraging people and making them realize their true worth Shiv Khera has taken his dynamic messages across the globe from Singapore to U.S. The author of 12 successful books including the one fetching the status of an international bestseller: you can win; Shiv Khera’s motivational speeches have inspired and motivated a million souls

Deepak Chopra

Born to famous cardiologist Krishnan Chopra, Deepak Chopra is one of the best motivational speakers in Delhi and had initially shown interest in the subject of medicine, and thus ending up enrolling himself in the All India Institute of Medical sciences. Deepak kick-started Maharishi Ayur- Veda Products International, only after having a one to one meets with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

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