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Alter any reality, Be it wealth, relationship, health, anything.


Hi, my name is Shree Dembla and I am a miracle maker.  In my journey from a financial consultant to a healer I have discovered that I have infinite powers to bring a miraculous shift in people’s reality by healing them. Over the years I perceived that you as a being are potent beyond your imagination. All you desire can be achieved and every area of your life can be healed. If I can create a loving relationship and also alter my money reality from never having enough to having it in abundance so can you. This is just a glimpse of what all is possible. For more come and explore.

Looking forward to see you soon and helping you in altering your reality.

How to Become Money Workbook

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How to Share With Just Friends

How to share with just friends.

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Access Consciousness Bars 

Access bars is the million dollar or probably billion dollar tools which will really help you to recreate your life. So bars are these 32 points on the head when we touch them in a certain way it releases blockages of thousands of years like even lifetimes and at worst you will feel like a very good head massage or a body relaxation and at best your whole life may change. Trust me it’s an amazing experience. So whenever you can do create it get your bars run.

Looking forward to see you soon and helping you in altering your reality.

The Foundation Class

Access consciousness the foundation class. It’s a class that is magical it has shifted my reality big time that is one class that I love facilitating and love attending. There are so many clearing statements that we get so there so many tools that we get in the class that helps us to shift any area of our life that we desire to shift and it really creates a reality for us where anything is possible for us. There are body processes which are so gentle yet so potent that our bodies really feel thankful for us to choose the foundation if not anything else for the body.   So be it any area of your life relationships, sex, money, body, weight you have tools for anything to be worked on and you have the potency in you for creating anything your desire in your life. Yes, the foundation gives that foundation that platform, where you can create everything you desire and it kind of takes away what are your limitations right now that you are thinking, is stopping from living the life you desire. So if you want a life that is rocking, amazing and is full of receiving fun, love, money everything you desire a foundation is a place for you.

Energetic Facelift 

So one of access processes is called energetic facelift I love that body process called energetic facelift what it does is it transforms your face and not just your face but your entire body and your entire life just  this gentle touch of hands and just by asking for some energies show up and for some to run and it’s very gentle, very kind to your body and there are no injection there are no cuts there are no artificial products just pure energy and what you sense is what you get  is this radiance and this joy that your skin, your body,your being experience. I love receiving energy facelift and I love facilitating the classes for an energetic facelift.

Alter Your Reality

Alter your reality is a power pack program that contains conversation & activities that can alter any reality. It helps to transform your reality with simple tools and techniques which can help discover your true potency. Create a reality you truly desire and be a part of this journey.

Tarot Card Reading 

All of us had those incidents where just by a snap and yet there are times where we go into doubting and I think tarot card is a very good instrument that comes handy at that time. So there are times when you are working with people and you are aware of lots of stuff and they would like to get assurance about it or reassurance and cards play a very beautiful role at that point in time like you know the image in the card they speak so much they are so self- explanatory by themselves that things just get cleared and makes us learn so much about the journey of being of how it is and how it can be of the possibilities that it can have and also tarot card is an amazing instrument.

Angel Card Reading 

What are angels? Who are they? Do they help us? Are they real? All these questions cloud us when we talk about or we hear about angels.Angels are these beings without bodies of higher dimensions higher frequency. Those are always around us waiting for us to ask and willing to contribute to our life.So, I was introduced to this world and realm of angels. So, if you would like to know more about it or if you would like to know how to call upon them how to communicate with the, how to be an allowance of them and how to let them contribute to your life.

Correcting Vision