My name is Shree Dembla and I am a Life Coach and energy healer I’m also an international facilitator with Access Consciousness. I facilitate Bars Class, Foundation Class, talk to the entities class and many more classes and today in this video series we are going to be talking about entities what are entities? Are the real? Are they not real? Any time I talk about entities with any one the first expression or experience that comes up is a fear. Are you scared of entities too? No or Yes? Let’s explore, So first thing, What are entities? Are they real? So, by definition entity is anything that has a form and an identity even a business is an entity, you know when I studied business management in my college, we use to call business as business entity anybody who does business knows that business is known as business entity, so,is there anything scary about business yes for those who don’t know about business and that’s a topic of another class yet.

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Entities are just the beings without the bodies. That’s what most of the people know it as though entities are very big whelm and for me you are also an entity.  A person in body is just that we have a body and beings that we are judging as entity that scary and all of that and the beings without bodies so yes there are beings on this planet which are without the bodies and. Not all of them are scary rather yes there is some of them don’t even know that they are entity and  they don’t even know that they died sometime back and they’re just wondering around wondering why no one is able to see them why no one listening to them why they are not able to make their point up yes and talking to the entities can also and it does also empowers you gives you the tools to be able to be the contribution to them and it can be a lot rewarding in many ways. Yes so when we talk about entities Yes I am an entity too it’s just that I have a body and then there are entities which do not have a body  Secondly when we talk about “talk to the entities” we are talking about talking to the buildings we are talking about talking to the natural resorts

and habitats we’re talking about talking to businesses talking to Relationships because each one of them so much more and so many more entities in their own form and have their own identity and they learn to listen and communicate to all of these. We can have a lot of ease joy and Glory in our life so would you like to explore talking to the entities with me and by the way Talk to The Entities is a course designed by Shannon o Hara who is the daughter of Gary Douglas who is the founder of Access Consciousness and access consciousness is a collection of tools and techniques which makes your life for love ease joy and Glory So you can check out more about that on                   or  and if you would like to know more about me if you would like to know more about everything I do how I do it where am I on the planet at this particular point of time. And all the things that I do in my life are the fun I have in my life you can also explore or unlock cob are. Yes so the links of all of these would be down there somewhere please please please don’t forget to like the video if you liked it subscribe to my channel for more fun information to come and also share my videos you never know who on the planet Earth would require this particular information to have a big change in their life

Thank you so much for reading and watching and I’ll catch you sometime soon till then bye bye.

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